A quick venture into newfound Melbourne pop prodigy Jess Fairlie's stirring and straight-forward 'Senses' immediately evokes R&B by-lines of old. Inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder and modern heroes like Regina Spektor, Fairlie finds effortless beauty in her debut single, which is sure to create some positive buzz for the contemporary pop community.

Fairlie's ballad, behind the empowering piano and rousing vocals, is an endearing simple song of love and distance, as she realizes, "I'll just stay here as your friend/Hoping that you come to your senses." While the territory is familiar, the execution sounds like it's from an industry vet - not someone completely brand new to the scene.

Listen to 'Senses' below and look out for Fairlie's upcoming self-titled EP debut, set for release later this year.