The 405 is excited to premiere a new track from East London's Jessica Agombar.

Born and raised in Bow E3, Agombar's affluently multicultural hometown plays a massive influence in her music - elements of which can be heard in 'Pree'in' and last year's 'Bam Bam' with its Grime heavy influences. On the K-Gee produced 'Pree'in', Jessica's sound leans on reggae/dub, with lyrics that detail our generations obsession with social media:

"I found that I was spending a lot of time of social media and slowly realising that everything we do is featured online such as relationships, break ups, holidays, careers; it's all posted online these days! I would find wasting an hour or two hours online just looking at Twitter timelines and Instagram feeds and it's not even a case of being nosy, it's just become a massive part of everyday life. Nowadays it's nothing like what our parents went through where they could only ever catch up on the phone or in person so I decided to write a song about it! But there's also another underlying theme in there - it also talks about the breakup of a relationship and asks 'why wasn't I enough for you? What can she do that I couldn't?' There's a line in the song that says 'my timeline's set to blow...' referring to the fact that people don't talk their issues out anymore, people just post "indirects" towards each other and you can literally follow the dissolution of a relationship online. It probably only took me about 30 minutes to write this one."

This self-attributed 'Cockney Songstress' does it all: singer, songwriter and there's even some acting talents in the mix. With its added island flavour, it comes as no surprise when Jessica mentions where she feels 'Pree'in' would sound best: "It's got to be in the Caribbean somewhere, on the beach with a cocktail in one hand while I'm catching a tan!" The visuals, directed by Manga (Roll Deep), was shot in London and she's confident it still works just as well closer to home. "But I can also imagine hearing it on a warm summer Saturday after a long lie in, having a late breakfast in Shoreditch with my mates."

'Pree'in' comes ahead of Jessica's forthcoming single and debut EP - both of which are expected to be released later this year. While 'Bam Bam' focused more on the nostalgia of the glory days of Grime, Jessica hopes 'Pree'in' puts listeners in a good mood. "I just hope people can see where I'm coming from and react to it in a positive way. It's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way at looking at modern society without getting too heavy but it's also really confessional; it's a confession to what I've done and what a lot of people my age or in this generation do especially when it comes to relationships and break-ups. The weather in London is getting better again and it's got a little summer vibe to it so I just hope it makes people feel good. Don't take it too seriously!"