London singer Jessie Ware's latest track 'Share It All' is smooth and sultry, a melted landscape of love and longing conjured by the soft expanse of its sleepy R&B atmosphere.

Simple percussion ticks and clicks above rumbling sub-bass bloops as thin bubbling electronics phase delicately in and out of earshot; touching caresses of guitar wheel and sparkle in sparse ornamentation, whilst in the foreground synth bops follow the vocal melody – singing out "Could you share it all with me, share it all with me? / And I'll share it all with you, just show me what to do" – in the choruses; towards the end, synth chords appear as aching cosmic waves. Never failing to deliver, Jessie Ware's voice is delicious, a flight of soulful hush reverbing through the perfumed mist of this super-chilled and ultra-romantic futuristic slow-jam, refreshingly minimalist and captivating.

Listen to the song below. It was co-written by Romy from The xx, produced by Julio Bashmore and is taken from the deluxe edition of her forthcoming new album, Tough Love.

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