Sweden's JJ have been relentlessly offering musical media for the last five years. Whether it was free tracks, music videos, mix tapes or LPs, it is astonishing how much material the Swedish duo has released loyally through Sincerely Yours.

After a period of relative quietness, the ever so proliferous JJ have unveiled the first single from their forthcoming LP V, out August 18th. The track, 'All White Everything', maintains the duo's distinctive raw sparseness, yet it is a more polished affair and a certainly more orchestral and grandiose composition. Elin Kastlander's sinister voice sounds feeble yet over-powering at times, and is set against swooping melodies of strings, keyboards and drums. With a chorus that simply screams "alt-pop anthem", the duo's long player is a release to be excited for.

Check out the track below, along with the tracklisting.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. V
  • 2. Dynasti
  • 3. Dean & Me
  • 4. All White Everything
  • 5. When I Need You
  • 6. Fagelsangen
  • 7. Full
  • 8. Inner Light
  • 9. Hold Me
  • 10. I
  • 11. Be Here Now
  • 12. All Ways, Always