Something old-school now. And it features an unlikely pair of rappers, JOHN DOPE, from Tampa, Florida and Tafe G, who's from Sydney, Australia – it's that URL ting. Oh, it's also been produced by Wild Thought, and what a production on this track, called 'Bustin'.

It streams with boombap sensibilities, with ancient-snap snares and boulder kicks, vinyl crackling and lounge-like samples of chopped-up piano – all melded together and given a once-over with vintage polish; it's harsh and smooth all at the same time, ringing occasionally with the famous KRS One sample from 'Sound of Da Police', featuring of course the cold and calculated bars from JOHN DOPE and Tafe G's laid-back Australian lilt towards the end. A glorious throwback, bringing retro aesthetic to gangster-flavoured rap, usually messy and electronic, but here positively sophisticated.

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