Jon Hopkins is taking part in the Late Night Tales mix series, which also has some new music from Four Tet, Holy Other, School of Seven Bells, and more. Below, you can listen to Hopkins' contribution - a cover of Yeasayer's 'I Remember', taken from their album Odd Blood. Hopkins posted his choice further on SoundCloud:

"For my cover version I chose this track by Yeasayer. The original is a beautifully sad yet upbeat breakup song, strident and bright with synth lines cascading around a heartfelt vocal. I wanted to make it sound far more broken and fragile, so I re-played it on the piano, pitched it down, then mangled it quite heavily so it came out sort of wobbly and knackered sounding. I wanted to leave it quite bare, just letting that amazing melody lead the way."

His Late Night Tales mix is out on 2 March.

Listen below.

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