Given the strength of delivery and the maturity that runs through her songwriting, you could be forgiven for thinking that Jordan Alexander has been writing and performing for many years. It turns out, this very capable singer-songwriter only started out in 2013 after being encouraged to enter a talent competition, which she went on to win.

On the strength of her latest release, Cool', it's really no surprise that this captivating song draws on the kind of sound that has become fairly prevalent in alternative pop more recently, with a slight familiarity in her voice which at times reflects the same style as Ellie Goulding, yet Alexander's own tone has more subtlety to it. It's less forced, which allows the listener to find the flashes of gold that reveal themselves as she sings.

'Cool' shows just how much the concept "less is more" can work so well. Rather than building up the song with layer upon layer of excessive instrumentation, it lets the simplicity of the song speak for itself, with a chorus that latches itself onto the brain straight away and threatens to be the earworm that will stay with you for the rest of the day. The relaxed guitar strums and minimal beat creates a warm tone that works like a soothing comfort blanket of sound. It's the kind of music you want to put on at the end of the day when you can finally kick off your shoes, curl up, and wind down.

Vocally, there is a warm closeness and intimacy that leaves you with the feeling that despite all the struggles of the day.

Already well received within the LGBT community, Jordan Alexander has found an effective way to communicate her views and feelings. While she has said herself that she struggles with "the pressure of conventional relationships, rules and labels don't work with my idea of love," 'Cool' is a song that not only gets across where she is coming from but also offers a way for others to find their own voice. For so long, music has always been a way for people to discover more about who they are, often thanks to those who are willing to step up as artists and speak out on behalf of others who might find it hard to find their voice or feel held back from stepping out to truly be who they are.

Fresh music from an upcoming young singer is always exciting, and we can be sure to expect great things from Jordan Alexander. As an entry point into her music, 'Cool' is an ideal starting point.

It's stripped back and intimate, accurately and effectively getting across her message and passion, which is utterly infectious and a true breath of fresh air.