JUICEBOXXX is the product of innumerable genres and influences. But it would likely come as no surprise to his listeners that Cleveland punk band The Pagans had a major impact on his sound. Now, JUICEBOXXX is paying tribute to one of his favorite groups through an electrifying cover of their song, 'Dead End America.'

"I rarely do covers, but The Pagans classic 'Dead End America' always seemed like a great fit, and a good b-side for my coming 'Freaked Out American Loser' single," explains JUICEBOXXX. "It was recorded last summer in LA with my backing band (The Thunder Zone Band: Rocker Mike and Willy D) and Aaron Espinoza. I had a blast going crazy in the studio and trying to remember why I do this shit in the first place.

"I was saddened to hear about the passing of Pagans singer Mike Hudson," he continues. "Coming from the Midwest, I can’t help but think of this thread of punk rock as heartland music, born in rustbelt basements and dive bars out of desperation and boredom. Freaking out to stay alive.

"I once heard a DJ refer to this song as folk music. They weren’t wrong."

Stream JUICEBOXXX's cover of 'Dead End America' below and check out his upcoming tour dates further down.

  • 07 March - Empty Bottle; Chicago, IL
  • 08 March - Brass Rail; Fort Wayne, IN
  • 09 March - 123 Pleasant Street; Morgantown, WV
  • 10 March - Charlie's American Cafe; Norfolk, VA
  • 11 March - The Reel Cafe; Wilmington, NC
  • 16 March - SXSW @ Sidewinder Inside; Austin, TX
  • 17 March - Valley of the Vapors Festival; Hot Springs, AR
  • 19 March - Black Sheep Cafe; Springfield, IL
  • 20 March - Cactus Club; Milwaukee, WI