Russian singer/songwriter Kedr Livanskiy impressed many with her out-of-the-blue track from last year, 'Sgoraet (Burning Down)'. Now working with NYC-based electronic label 2MR, Livanskiy will release her debut EP January Sun next month and has shared a brand new track from the project.

'Razrushitelniy Krug (Destructive Cycle)' is another beautifully ethereal number with an aura of danceability to it. Far from subdued, the deep bass combines pleasantly with Livanskiy's vocals.

"I admire contemporaries Inga Copeland and Laurel Halo," explains Kedr. "However, my songs are more pop-leaning because of the powerful influence MTV had on my adolescence."

January Sun will be available on February 19 with a 12" vinyl available to pre-order now.