Love slo-mo re-recordings of classic pop tracks? Cool, then you should totally check out Postiljonen's homage to Whitney Houston in the form of 'All That We Had Is Lost'. But wait, Keep Shelly In Athens are in town, and they've decided to take the track to a whole new level.

Postiljonen's Skyer was a bright and sunny place to be, which is what makes this remix so good - Keep Shelly In Athens have completely switched the atmosphere, effortlessly dragging their heels to make things moody, melancholy and a little artfully drab. Like the rainiest Saturday afternoon you've ever had no plans on, it drips and drains away, leaving you feeling a little sad, a little cosy and ready for another replay.

Listen to it below and sway gently to its lulling tones. It's out next week on Postiljonen’s All That We Had Is Lost remix EP.

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