French producer per excellence, Kid Atlaas, is set to release his debut EP, Fragments, on Oct. 29. Cosmonostro, Kid Atlaas' label, recently posted 'Winter is Coming,' the lead track from the album.

'Winter is Coming' combines classic hip-hop style with éléments vieux jeu. The song opens with the soothing hiss of vintage vinyl and, of all things, a harp sample. Then the beat drops.

Atop a smokey, old-school rap beat, Kid Atlaas chops the afore-mentioned harp, with the instrumentation of a mid-20th century jazz combo. A trumpet rises in the mix, then the familiar thump of a double bass, and a quick, little guitar run.

The ethereal composition perfectly captures the atmosphere of bleak and dreary winter day. If 'Winter is Coming' is any indication, listeners are in for a treat with the other seven songs onFragment, which includes the well-received remix of Amerie's 'One Thing' that dropped a few months back.