"It is an innocent universe, where everyone is supposed to be happy, but still it is the formative years and that is the most brutal part of our lives," explains Kill J on her new single 'Cold Stone'. "It is a cold, mean fight to fit in under the surface - and none of us longs to go back to that teenage anxiety."

It's the newest stellar single from the Danish singer/songwriter/producer, following last year's one-offs 'You Have Another Lover', 'Phoenix', and 'Bullet'. On the new track, Kill J (Julie Aagaard) explains the impossibly catchy nature of 'Cold Stone', saying:

"Cold Stone is my bubblegum track but pop isn't a crime," she notes, serving as a bit of a contrast to her description of the song's content. The heavy blended elements, however, make for an inescapable joy.

Listen below and grab the single June 29th.