The fissures created by everyone and their mother listening to Low's excellent 12th album Double Negative are slowly starting to seal up again - the perfect time for a remix to drop and crack skulls wide open again. Philadelphia producer King Britt has offered up his "Fhloston Paradigm" remix of album highlight 'Fly', saying:

"As a longtime Low fan, a huge amount of respect went into the mix. I loved their new sonic direction, which spoke to my Fhloston Paradigm project. My mix was a response and continuation in a way of a magical space they already created. Mimi Parker’s vocals were some of her best. A true honor.”

King Britt has worked with the already spare arrangement, pulling it to even more vaporous extremes and adding subtle electronic glitches. Mimi Parker's crystalline voice remains intact, sounding all the more epic in this stark surrounding. The rework progresses steadily, into a more propulsive and ascendant version of the original, leaving a different, but still unsettling feeling. Check it out below.

Low have one UK date planned at this year's End Of The Road festival. If you happen to be lucky enough to attend, they are not to be missed.