Kirkis, the Melbourne based electronic four piece led by Michael Kirkis, place their influences well and truly on their sleeves. Sampling and processing jazz and electronic samples, you just need to take a quick listen and you can already guess that Flying Lotus and Thundercat have shaped how the band thinks and works. Luckily, it has worked pretty well for them.

'Mirror' is so laid-back it's practically horizontal. The groove, led by twinkling synths, is as relaxed and breezy as you'll ever find, especially when coupled with the breathy, almost whisper-like vocals that slide across the groove like ice. Then quite suddenly, a discordant synth kicks in towards the end that sounds like something you might hear on early Metronomy records. It's a strange, experimental beast of a track but so completely chilled out that it's impossible to be mesmerised by it.

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