You wanna feel like you're walking along at this jaunty 45° angle on a treadmill pavement with a glossy sun in the sea of the sky? Summer scenes in crisp HD. Someone waves at you in super slow motion. You wave back. Isn't life wonderful?

The sparkling lounge of 'Beautiful' arrives courtesy of trackmaker KLK BEATS, who paints a soundscape with champagne piano and glittering, exotica-flavoured hip-hop. It features the totally diggable flows of Plush and El Jahar – opening with the strong "Righteous procedures, I always knew that love could be this," we move to lines that describe the mystery of love: "I'm shruggin, you just got me locked in your lovin, hand-in-glovin."

It all moves in-sync, the two rappers' voices syncopating syllables over the smooth beat in a vocalisation of jazz romance. Hi-class stuff right here.