Disney's The Little Mermaid was a relatively footloose and fancy free affair. Even in its darkest moments, it being Disney, you knew redemption and romance were just around the corner; that fabled "happily ever after" peeking over the horizon. Of course, Disney's spin on the Danish tale is a far cry from Hans Christian Andersen's original which features no such romantic happy endings. Since then there have been plenty of adaptations of the story, the latest of which is at Perth, Australia's Blue Room Theatre.

The soundtrack, by experimental electronic musician Laura Jane Lowther aka Kučka, feels more like it should be accompanying a John Hughes movie than the story of a mermaid. Yet, when you think about it, the themes of a need for acceptance and the quest for unrequited love are prevalent in both. 'Brandy', the prom theme from the stage adaptation, is just one example of this 80s inspired soundtrack. Fitting in with the 80s teen movie revival driven by the likes of Summer Camp, Kučka's soundtrack manages to change the entire feel of an almost 200 year old story into a high school drama.

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