Exciting times are in the pipeline for Kyson: his debut LP The Water's Way is to be released on FoF Music on September 24th, and after a year or two of bubbling under the radar slightly with 'Ocean Tides' and 'Remi', it seems that he's close to finally reaching the audience his music has been waiting for.

Although 'Sunnyvale' won't feature on The Water's Way, new material from any artist always gives us a welcome hint of the direction they're taking their music in. From these ears at least, 'Sunnyvale' begins with shimmering, yet brittle, electronics that summon my memories of the days I stayed in my room and playfully danced to Baths' Cerulean. From here, 'Sunnyvale' builds and begins to move away from not only the stillness heard at the beginning of the track, but Kryson's usual characteristics altogether.

Kyson tends to approach downtempo electronics with influences from what surely must only be the most peaceful and serene of environments, with images of pastoral tranquility, soothing weather changes and spectacular views oozing out of his majestic, graceful synth work. But the development of Kyson's sound has reached a point now: before where, on occasion, his music could recall snippets of Boards of Canada (observe: 'Over the Horizon Radar'), The Water's Way's first preview, 'Missing Things', had me reminiscing of the time when James Blake's 2011 self-titled debut was all I listened to - Kyson's vocal delivery is persistently fragile and spliced, the rising synths taking me right back to the first time I heard 'I Never Learnt to Share'.

However, 'Sunnyvale' isn't simply an obnoxious, robotic piece that adds another layer every sixteen bars before reaching a huge climax and an ultimately cliché drop - no, Kyson develops the mood of 'Sunnyvale' carefully by adding to the texture of the drum pattern by interchanging the phrasing of the rhythm to resemble double and half time at different points during its progression. Every now and again, sputtering and rapid-fire pads act as a motif to signal a drum-fill sample which paves the way for the main body of the track to develop to the point where, soon enough, the earlier Baths comparison is forgotten about completely as bliss and serenity quickly quickly transforms into a much darker atmosphere altogether. The previously mentioned club-inspired synths that recall Zomby's 2011 release Dedication hit the top of the mix with force and pull 'Sunnyvale' to its climax with great strength.

Kyson's debut LP, The Water's Way, is out on September 24th on FoF Music, and you can stream 'Sunnyvale' below:

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