Where to start? Well, I guess first off we should talk about Doujinshi's name: dōjinshi is Japanese for "self-published works" like zines or comics – or, in this case, music. A track by him caught my attention last week, in a big way, and as such it's track of the motherflippin' day today. It's called 'lalala~' and it's wonderful.

There's a bit of classical music in there, with the omni-present blooping xylophonic progression sounding very, very similar (if not exactly the same, but most likely a 'variation on a theme' – the classical term for a classical remix) to Baroque composer Pachelbel's massive tune, Canon in D Major. You definitely know it. Then this is mixed with the swagger of southern trap, reverbing clicks and rapid insectoid hi-hats taking up the top end, with sub kicks booming at the low. Dynamic fills with triumphal cymbals and varying speeds of hi-hat rattle keep the beat sweet.

Last but not least: that vocal sample, taken from a little slice of cheery J-pop called 'Nijiiro' ("rainbow-coloured") by Japanese singer Ayaka. The rhythm of the melody, the sound of the voice itself, the way Doujinshi pitch shifts it all over the place, layers two parts of the original vocal together for an elastic modern-day fugue — it's just all lovely, changing tempo at the end for a touching slow-mo farewell with a fading "la la la" left resounding in your ears.

Experience this delectable buffet of styles and flavours for yourself: