Here's an opening gambit written to pique your interest: It's upsetting to think that nobody told me, that they knew my favourite band were alive and living well in the Lake District and they didn't tell me, so I'm going to take the opportunity to tell you - Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love exist. More than that, they have existed for three albums already, and Last is aptly named as it's going to be their last album - so we need to take the opportunity to cherish them while we still can.

Here's a couple of bands that you could probably say they sound like in order to get you to listen: Sparklehorse, The Microphones. It's fuzzy '90s nostalgia appropriated in a fun and meaningful way, without ever feeling like it's a band tee bought in Topshop - you know what I mean? If it was a band shirt, it was bought at a gig and it was worn until it faded. It feels natural. It makes sense. It sounds good.

Here's a couple of songs you should listen to if I haven't sold it enough: Start with 'Harvesting', listen to how it sounds, how it was recorded and mixed, how all the different parts meld together to make something that is driving and incessant, yet delicate and understated - because that is a rare quality to discover. Now jump back and play 'Goodbyes', the album opener. It's all crescendo to begin with, before it reveals its melody, and within it, the message. If you like both of these songs, if you recognise the difference in how these two songs sound when compared to most alt/indie/rock/DIY (or whatever tag you need) then just let the album play. It is worth listening to, and then it's worth listening to it again, and if you still like it at that point then you should probably buy it because I can tell you confidently that it continues to grow with each listen.

Here's an aside because the sun just came out: Today is the first day when it has felt like spring or summer could actually be possible, it's been cold for so long but there are green sprouts beginning to appear through the mud and the ice and soon flowers will bloom and our winter coats can be put away. The sun is warming the backs of my legs as I type. I cannot wait to listen to this album in the summer, for some reason I need guitars like this when it's warm - fuzzy layers of guitar, melancholy words, cold drinks, hot sun. I'm listening to this album now, and I know it is a goodbye, but somehow I'm still full of hope.

Here is a link to their album launch gig in that London: I am a link to their gig in that London on the 19th of February.