Before Lexington-based outfit Ancient Warfare sets forth to mark their own territory with the release of The Pale Horse, the four-piece were seen regularly alongside the likes of celebrated acts The War On Drugs, Chelsea Wolfe, and Raveonettes during those band's respected tour dates. Regarding their company, however, Ancient Warfare's breakout was more of an inevitability.

Part of the band's release, 'The Last Living Trial', is potentially the band's most vulnerable and effortlessly accessible introduction. The slow-burning alt country crawl flickers like a flame spitting in the cold wind, with lead singer Echo Wilcox painting a desolate, lonely landscape in her emotional output.

The band's debut album The Pale Horse arrives August 11th via Alias Records, right in the middle of their ongoing tour. Pre-order the album and check out the band's remaining tour dates here.

Listen to 'The Last Living Trial' below.