Earlier this week Liam Back, a producer of dream pop out of Hamburg, dropped a four-song album called Cosmology. The new album (or EP, I guess) is a delightfully chill blend of hip-hop beats, ambient soundscapes and pitchy vocal samples.

The songs on Cosmology unfold in pleasant and interesting ways. Textures range from crisp electronics to lush organics, a la Pretty Lights.

The auto-tuned break in 'Sushi & Wine' could easily fit in a Bon Iver album. Album closer, 'Vapor Mountain', is a collage of jazz elements, chopped vox, Latin rhythms and found sound percussion.

Check out album opener, 'Spring Winds', with its pulsing beat, acoustic guitar samples and bright vocal samples, for a taste of what Back's latest has to offer. But note, each song has it's own unique flavor. Liam Back has chops.

This is a guy to keep an eye on.

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