Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes and Stephen Ramsay of Young Galaxy have teamed up as a new project entitled Light Conductor. Last month they floated down to our consciousnesses on the anti-gravitational ambient piece 'A Bright Resemblance', taken from their debut album Sequence One, which will be arriving on March 8th via Constellation. This week they have returned and are beaming us up onto their ship via the self-titled track 'Light Conductor'.

Lasek and Ramsay have no shortage of experience in working in all sorts of exploratory music, and as Light Conductor they have given themselves no limits to where it can move. 'Light Conductor' serves as the conclusion to the forthcoming album, and as such takes a different guise to much of the rest of the record, the seasoned studio artists expertly layering the sounds to ensure the perfect balance of mind-engulfing fuzz.

Amidst rippling piano and refracting percussion, a surging current of guitar cuts to straight to the point, like rocket boosters suddenly engaging for a return journey. The joy at the moment of departure is captured in the vocals (featuring Young Galaxy's Catherine McCandless), which radiate like ultraviolet beams across the sky. With the all-clear given by the 'Light Conductor', the band is ready to escape our atmosphere, and you can hitch a ride with them by taking a listen below.

Light Conductor's debut album Sequence One is out on March 8th, and can be pre-ordered here.