It's tried and tested, but it works for a reason. You just forget because the market is so flooded with songwriters that don't. When, occasionally you hear a song by a guy with a guitar and it's transcendent, you remember. The last time this happened for me was Keaton Henson... and much like back then, the track came out of nowhere. I don't know anything about Charlie Cunningham. To be honest I don't want to, this song is so good I really just want more songs from him.

Today is my first day back into the grind of everyday life. I've been hiding from it in Iceland for a while. Sometimes, you have to travel to the kind of distance that allows you to reassess where you started from, to see it all in an abstract solvable way. To become detached enough to evaluate your past choices honestly. That is what I found in those mountains.

Now I'm back here and I'm living it again. Although behind my eyes I'm still far enough away to make some changes. To take some positive steps. This song found me at the right time. It's soundtracking my montage of mistakes, and equally, it's playing while I dig my way out of the shit I've been drowning in. When he taps the chorus beat I am on the road to recovery and it's a good feeling. In that brief window following a break, before getting stuck in that rut again, anything is possible. You still have a chance to make it happen. You know if there is anything holding you back you can change it. So do. Don't hesitate, and please, listen to this song as you do it. It makes it easier.