No amount of Google kung-fu brought me any additional background on the now enigmatic electronic musician known as Linus.

Linus dropped his first release, Boperly (pronounced BAH-per-lee), on his bandcamp page about two weeks ago. On Boperly, Linus takes us on a laid back, six track dreamy trip. Things open up with the pulsing synths and crashing hip-hop beats of 'Yer Body', only to downshift into a suite of sorts where the relaxing key progressions of 'Toast 'Er', recalling the style of Angelo Badalamenti, segue into 'Tha The', with saxophone licks and light jazz drumming. Boperly wraps up with 'Slushy',' taking us down easy.

If the chill vibes of Boperly is any indication, we’ll be hearing much more from, and about, Linus very soon.

Listen below, or "name your price" on Linus' bandcamp.