I wonder what goes on at PC Music to create the weird, almost Lynchian bubblegum pop that they release to the masses. Probably their most well known output is that from Hannah Diamond who's 'Pink & Blue' I was completely addicted to it, despite being incredibly baffled by it. Now they're back with some more weirdness in the form of Lipgloss Twins' 'Wannabe'.

This is that PC Music weirdness turned up to 11, so those who didn't in any way shape or form enjoy Hannah Diamond (about as many of you as who loved it, with no-one in the middle) should probably step away now.

It feels like a bunch of different songs collided into one another, as the fractured electronic beats glitch and whine and whirl around each other like some sort of absurd mechanical ballet. Robotic vocals also mutter something about lipgloss and various high street clothes shops as though someone has programmed a robot to take on the affectations of a teenage girl in a Ballardian dystopia.

In short, it's exactly what we've come to expect from PC Music and, if their regular output is not to your taste, 'Wannabe' is definitely not going to win you over, but for those with a soft spot for the utterly bizarre bubblegum pop they put out, 'Wannabe' is exactly more of that.

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