It's only been about 2 months since the release of Boards of Canada's latest, Tomorrow's Harvest, a melancholic trip back to Boards of Canada's trusty box of tricks. It wasn't anything overly original, although slightly darker than previous efforts, but, when the box of tricks they delve into is so exciting and interesting it doesn't really matter that it isn't original. Why fix something that isn't broke? While Youtaro's latest chilled out looping effort isn't quite up the Boards of Canada standard, you can quite easily tell that the Japanese producer is influenced by the masters of the minimal yet textured sounds.

'Live Ancient City' features a looping distorted piano alongside a rumbling drum beat that sounds like rain slowly drumming on top of a garden table in short bursts, falling from the tree above after the heavy rainfall has subsided. There's not much to the track really but this is the kind of track that would make a perfect backing to a more chilled out hip hop affair.

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