Pop is (rather unfairly) considered a dirty word. The connotations attached to that word often spark disinterested or upturned faces when it's mentioned alongside certain names and that's a bit of a shame. Recently, the likes of Raleigh Ritchie or even newer artists like Espa are helping change opinions as to what pop music is by taking many of those pop sensibilities and infusing them with pop-inspired productions. London-based multi-talented musician Adam Jordan, aka New Machine, is another name you can add to that list; he's previously worked with the likes of Maverick Sabre, Kwabs and Plan B - all of whom arguably all make their own brand of "pop" music - and is now shifting gears into his own career, releasing his first single with fellow London-based multi-faceted musician Aaron London.

'Dare 4 U' is a charming pop record that one might agree comes from the same soundscape of the likes of Ben Khan and Jai Paul, but like those before Adam (and Aaron), it's strikingly refreshing and delightfully forward-thinking for a pop record. As The FADER, who premiered the accompanying visual pointed out, the video starts with a clip of the late Frank Zappa appearing on Larry King Live and calling popular music a "product" and that its only being manufactured "just to make money." Harsh words, there. "The song and video mean the world to me," New Machine added to The FADER. "It was very important to me to try and push some sound boundaries I had not touched on before venturing into the commercial world. It's the first video I ever shot, directed, and edited and I'm so pleased with the outcome. I shot it on my iPhone 6 in my bedroom. I give it up to Aaron for having the patience to make this with me."

Expect to hear a lot more from both of these intriguing new artists in the coming weeks and months ahead.