When a genre is turned on its head, when a style is subverted, taken for a ride, transformed into a delectably altered beast, when this happens it's real cool basically. And this is what we find in the breathtaking 'Beatific' by the naturally attention-grabbing but sensibly named LOOK. – real name Lucas Todd (Luke = Look, innit). The real thing here is not the name, but the sound. What a sound.

Essentially it's like, trap I guess, but it's so much more than that. The usual clean-cut, knee-jerk electronics of trap make no appearances here. In lieu of hi-hats, 'Beatific' features the sound of marbles-falling-down-1000-year-old-dusty-stairs, or that clicking sound of a rickety death-coster ascending to the drop; the beat reverbs into the thick emptiness of a haunted house. But the main attraction here is the rhythmic shoulder-barging brass boom, the piano bass chords played with a giants hand, the gargantuan nature of the track as it stomps by, eclipsing the eerie moon glistening in its stony eyes.

There's something antique about this, a vintage bottle of trap uncorked and left to aromatise the whole world. And I'm sure that LOOK. – an affiliate of the URL tastemaker collective entity STYLSS – has a lot more where that came from.

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