LA Priest has shared a new track from his upcoming and quite much anticipated album Inji. Called 'Lorry Park', it's set to a skiffling frenetic beat that seems to juggle itself as the track moves along through clusters of disorienting bleeps, synths and samples of varying dimensions – a delicious slice of creeping, low-key experimentalism.

It follows on from the last teaser tracks, 'Party Zute / Learning To Love' and the sumptuous energy of 'Oino'.

The album is out 29th June on Domino; check out the tracklist below.

  • Inji tracklist:
  • 1. Occasion
  • 2. Lady's In Trouble With The Law
  • 3. Gene Washes With New Arm
  • 4. Oino
  • 5. Party Zute / Learning To Love
  • 6. Lorry Park
  • 7. Night Train
  • 8. Fabby
  • 9. A Good Sign
  • 10. Mountain