Next Friday, 24th February, Los Campesinos! will release their long-awaited sixth album Sick Scenes. The collective have already put out a couple of punchy pop-rockers in the form of 'I Broke Up In Amarante' and '5 Flucloxacillin', and today they have shared 'The Fall Of Home'.

'The Fall Of Home' marks a stark contrast from the other tracks heard so far from Sick Scenes, as it a slow, graceful, even wistful little number. Gareth's lyrics describe a returning to home in a small town after years living in cities, to find it run-down, marked by growing presence of chain stores and full of people with right-wing beliefs. Unsurprisingly it was written hours after the results of the EU Referendum were announced.

Listen to 'The Fall Of Home' below, and look out for our interview with Gareth Campesinos next week.