Ever since 'Cloud 69' dropped back at the start of the year, I've had a special place in my heart for Lowell's "cheerleader with attitude" style songs.

Mixing the loud and fun attitudes of both Metric and Sleigh Bells with the unconventional pop stylings of Grimes, Lowell's tracks were unashamedly in-your-face, in both rhythmic attitude and lyrical content. Often about Lowell's own experiences, they were packed with feminist themes creating brilliant pop tunes with a real message to them; riot grrrl for the Radio 1 generation.

Now she's back with the equally brilliant 'I Love You Money', taken from her upcoming debut album We Loved Her Dearly which hits shelves on September 16th. Like with 'Cloud 69', there's nothing overly complex here but every part works together to create something so brilliantly catchy. Handclaps, chants of "woo" and "hey", and plenty of tambourine shaking create something colourfully retro; a proper summer pop anthem with a fist in the air for feminism and female independence. Just listen to it once and see how long that chorus will be stuck in your head for. I'm probably going to humming it all week.