In collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer, a charity devoted to funding cancer research, comes the first track from Lupe Fiasco's upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth. 'Mission' is definitely a far cry from the usual Fiasco cuts we hear, particularly seeing as the theme of the track is cancer as opposed to the usual partying and drinking. With such a difficult subject to broach, there's always the chance that the message of the track could be lost or the music itself is put on hold to focus on the message, but Fiasco creates a track with the best of both worlds; a fantastic beat and a strong, powerful message.

The focus of 'Mission' is empowerment. Beginning with a number of different survivors telling their story, it becomes a track that seems like a big "fuck you" to cancer, as Fiasco raps about not letting the effects of chemotherapy getting you down and that you'll make it to the other side. It's a powerful message and it's not one that music really even glances at so kudos is due to both Fiasco and Stand Up To Cancer for using music to empower those who feel at their weakest. It's a track that will most definitely resonate with anyone who has or is going through the struggle either themselves or with a family member/friend who is.