It's really difficult to not like マクロスMACROSS 82-99, the Mexican musicmaker whose name, if you're not familiar with it, references the seminal mecha anime, Macross, and who is an exponent of internet-born genre, future funk.

There's a place in my heart set aside for this kind of music, a kind of neo-lounge, a soul-warming experience whilst you're doing other things – not that it cannot be enjoyed simply for the music, too, and it goes with out saying that it's groovesome and danceable; it just happens to be perfect for filling a room with a kind of spiritual futuro-exotica. MACROSS 82-99's album ネオ東京 ("Neo Tokyo") is one of my go-to selections for such occasions as warrant this lounge feel, for the cooling funky atmospheres that glisten on every track.

Fast forward to literally right now and he's edited a track by fellow purveyor of future funk, Yung Bae, '私は愛に ハイです' ("I'm high on love"). The original utilises a pitch-shifted vocal from 'Love Won't Let Me Wait' by Luther Vandross, and is altogether a sparkling slow jam. The edit, on the other hand, is a little more layered, hints of a more robust groove, richer strings and brass, and the vocal returns (almost) to its original pitch, the whole thing effusing romance between the thuds of its dreamy drums.

A fun free download for everyone. Enjoy some wine, light some incense, await a lover (real or fantasy) and imagine that your room, your flat or your house, is in actuality a luxury condo. Yeah. Now we're talkin.

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