Los Angeles duo Made In Heights released their debut album way back in 2012, before they took over the blogosphere with their quirky, unique pop sound in the coming years (and before everyone else tried to do a similar sound). After touring with TOKiMONSTA last year across the states and winning over just about everyone who hears their tunes, they've finally announced their long-awaited sophomore album.

Without My Enemy What Would I Do is slated for release on 26 May (only a few weeks away!) and below, you can listen to its brand new single 'Slow Burn'. A catchy track with joyful, staccato synth lines courtesy of Sabzi and Kelsey Bulkin's saccharine-sweet vocals that float over it all, it's one of my favourite tracks they've released thus far - and maybe it'll be yours as well!

  • Tour Dates:
  • 1. DEATH
  • 2. Pirouette
  • 3. Murakami
  • 4. Mantis
  • 5. Panther
  • 6. Ghosts
  • 7. Lunette
  • 8. Silver Droplets
  • 9. Cry
  • 10. Slow Burn
  • 11. Forgiveness
  • 12. Pop It In 2
  • 13. Drexler

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