After departing from her native city of Quito, Ecuador, singer-songwriter Maria Usbeck engulfed her musical output from a German and American point of view. After joining and departing the band Selebrities, Usbeck found herself invigorated by her native language, which she revisits entirely on her upcoming debut solo album Amparo.

Speaking with The Fader, Usbeck recalls the moment she began to shift back to Spanish. "One day I was sitting on my couch with a friend and I realized I forgot the word for ‘lamp’—which is embarrassingly close, lampara—and I basically had an existential reckoning with myself," she says. "I began obsessively reading about endangered languages, cultures, music, and finding opportunities to practice my first language."

Following that reckoning, Usbeck traveled back to Ecuador, as well as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Barcelona, Lisbon, Easter Island, Costa Rica, Florida, L.A., and her home in Brooklyn. Over those three years traveling, she comprised what ultimately became Amparo, which was crafted with the help of producer Caroline Polachek - lead singer of Chairlift.

Listen to 'Moai Y Yo' below. Usbeck's Amparo is set for release May 27th on Cascine, with pre-orders available today.