18-year-old Max Wonders has already built up a steady buzz from his singles in 2015 and the release of the You Will Never Find EP.

His new single 'Grow Up' received its premiere via Noisey's show on Beats 1 over the weekend and it's now been confirmed to be the first release from his next project, Hues To Blame, which is set for release later this year. It's an ode to the fears of young adulthood "and everything that comes with it" but it also shows maturity; not just as a person but also in his wordplay and lyricism over a hazy, bass heavy production from Daniel Hex.

"I didn't want to feel alone in this, thing, feeling," he said to Complex, who premiered the track online. "Like, 'I know there have to be more people feeling the same way about growing up, where are they?' It's more so [that] no one wants to be the sore thumb out, the complainer. But, if I make a song everyone can sing along to, rebel to, it makes it a bit easier, to band arms. 'This guy feels the same way, oh! and him, and her, them too?' That common factor is so vital. Everyone's been young, but not everyone's been old, nor will some get the chance."

'Grow Up' is available now on iTunes.