BEAUTIFUL. But it'd be rude to spend only one word on this track. And besides, whilst it is beautiful, at least in my eyes, there are loads of other things that it is: addictive, candy-coloured, kawaii, bouncy, narcotically spun juke littered with drum edits, varying vocals from swaggering to cutifiedly pitched. This is 'Honeybell' by the Brooklyn-based maestro, MAXO.

What's great about this – and a lot of juke (which is, as you can hear, like sped-up trap) at the moment – is its mix of the loungey, almost bossa nova synth chords (coming from the Japanese synthpop/jazz/pop genre, Shibuya-kei), and clearly trap-inflected drums, both virtuosic in execution, set to that breakneck juke rhythm. This mix of dirty west and cutesy east makes for a fresh and interesting sound, of which MAXO is an obvious adept. And if you like it, good news for you: it's taken from a "forthcoming EP" – so keepyereyespeeled!

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