New artists come and go. Some have a catchy song, some look cool, some get naked, some have a name without vowels. These days new music is transient and integrity and longevity seem to be at a premium. One such artist that might just buck this trend is Chichester-based singer-songwriter Maybug.

His debut song 'Slipping Gears' is nothing short of brilliant. On the surface it's a spellbinding acoustic song, drawing on minimal instrumentation and an idiosyncratic falsetto voice. Look deeper though and the context behind the project is every bit as engaging. Refreshingly open and sincere, Joe Dunn, the man behind Maybug, describes a time of personnel failure, leaving his everyday life to escape England in a van and playing music round Europe. Only time will tell to see where Maybug will go but expect to see much more of the project in 2014.

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