Creeping in from Sydney, here comes Australian producer MELTY with a container full of bass like the blob that ate everything, called 'Destiny'. Technically a ghetto house (or footwork or juke; lol genres) track, thanks to its slow minimalist beat that nevertheless inspires a whirlwind of leg-based movement, it also brings with it sombre atmospheric feeling that doesn't often dwell in these kind of intense, dancefloor-destined types of tracks.

There's a whole host of playful, skewed and sprayed vocal samples, bouncing along like neon dots against a backdrop of darkly echoing emptiness. The piano-like synth break in the middle, where a glistening melody rains down, is a surprise break in the middle of such a bass-heavy song; the sub-bass itself is globular, malleable, glooping from note to note with a slightly fluid lilt that in turn keeps the whole thing from being oversimple or stilted. Bookended with the eerie super-slow-down sample "Destiny…" (taken perhaps from the John Talabot / Pional song of the same name), it's a marvellously accomplished feat of controlled chaos, moderate mayhem, buoyant brutality, and just the beginning of the brilliantly named MELTY's journey.

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