Although this track's gonna sound new to you, it's actually old. But since you've probably never heard it, let's just go with it and bathe in its groovesome freshness: this is 'Fannie Likes 2 Dance', it's by Merwyn Saunders (aka Virgo Four aka Ace & the Sand Man aka M.E. aka Merle), and basically it's vintage 2000 shit. 2000. I know. I was 12.

It's resurfacing now thanks to a smattering of requests to get the vinyl EP it's taken from, Merle 2000, re-pressed. I can see why; with the resurgence in '90s house music, Merwyn's gem comes straight from Chicago's house music scene (it arrived almost a decade after his last release on Trax Records, in 1991), so if there was ever a time to re-release this, it's now.

Are you listening to 'Fannie Likes 2 Dance' right now? If not, why not? Do it! Hear that sumptuous organic sound of vinyl crackling, the understated but ultimately driving beat, the occasional hi-hat smash, the snippets of sparkling string melody, the chopped up guitar chords, the weirdly whispering vocals, and the smooth unswerving bassline, ripe with funk, full of flavour. It's one hell of a track.

Check out the Kickstarter for the re-pressing of the Merle 2000 EP – and, if you feel so compelled, pledge your monies. The ultimate goal is to release new material; wouldn't that be lovely?