Good news folks: Nottingham four-piece Michael A Grammar are finally putting out their self-titled debut album this autumn! Combining tracks from their Random Vision and Vitamin Easy EPs, as well as new tunes, the LP can be picked up on September 29th via Melodic Records (pre-order here).

Michael A Grammar's first full length comes after a series of tough events, including the deportation of original bassist Daniel Ondieki back to his native Kenya: "Unfortunately Daniel had to leave due to visa issues with The Combine, though it could've been worse had Nigel Farage been in the hot-seat with a stick up his arse," says singer and guitarist Joel Sayers. "Thankfully we found Clémentine (Blue) with her clothes off at a life drawing class and invited her into the family. We're now waiting on the fifth member..."

"Each part of the album is an indicator of our present," the band explains. "Obviously as things change, so too does the music and the way it's recorded. As a result we feel more confident within ourselves which has inspired us to bring it back down to earth and record in the manner we did."

Check out the album's tracklisting below, along with the stream of 'Don't Wake Me':

  • 1. 'Upside Down'
  • 2. 'All Night Afloat'
  • 3. 'Light of a Darkness'
  • 4. 'King & Barnes'
  • 5. 'The Day I Come Alive'
  • 6. 'Suzanna'
  • 7. 'Upstairs Downstairs'
  • 8. 'The Way You Move'
  • 9. 'Mondays'
  • 10. 'You Make Me'
  • 11. 'Nature's Child''
  • 12. 'Don't Wake Me'