Berlin based Jian Kellet Liew, aka Kyson, is a real up and comer. Signed to Friends of Friends in the company of the likes of Groundislava and Shlohmo, he's already been making big waves in the electronic music scene, and it's no wonder why. Citing Nicholas Jaar and Bonobo as influences, his music has a textured richness that makes impossible to not be taken away by.

Kyson recently dropped 'Missing Things', a track from his debut album The Water's Way due out 24th September. 'Missing Things' is a melancholic mystery that slowly unravels itself through the course of the track. Starting with breezy Wurlitzer chords, so light they feel as though they might sail through the air at an moment, Kyson layers on an almost syrupy yet skittish beat before introducing a harsher synthesized melody and his echoey, overdubbed vocals which bring an intensity and almost haunted ghost-like quality to the track while still retaining that cool that set the track off. The SoundCloud page for this track holds one genre tag and one tag only: silky. An apt description really.