Montreal duo She-Devils are so impossibly enriching upon first listen that it almost seems toxic. The band's last release, 'Come', was a delightful fusion of shoegaze entrapment and bashful pop that's so casually alluring that one may miss that they've replayed the track four-to-five times since the first go around.

Now, with the cemented release date of their self-titled debut EP set (January 15th), She-Devils have revealed yet another engrossing gem with 'Where There's No One'. Unlike the previous single, 'Where There's No One' loses the driving pace and settles with a California-folk-esque vibe, mixed with electronic sweeps, like a soft-kindling take on Panda Bear.

Speaking with NME on the effort, member Audrey Ann says, "I think the song is about the vulnerability of showing your weaknesses to someone you care about and feeling rejected because it isn’t received with compassion. It was cathartic to take this sense of my own repulsiveness and transform it into something beautiful."

Listen to 'Where There's No One' below.