At the age of 22 it's pretty astounding to think that Samuel Jones has already made a name in the music industry a couple of times; first in the band Velvet Morning, then as part of Rocket Ship TV, and now he's starting again, solo this time, under the name Mr. Yolk.

It's therefore fair to say that Jones brings a level of experience and maturity to his songwriting that belies his age. Mr. Yolk is set to be his most personal and single-mindedly creative project yet, as he explains "I prefer to be alone. It is a personal thing for me ya know. My own sense of humour and views and in some cases vulnerability are on display. I don’t see how you can express those things in a completely diplomatic or democratic way you know?”

That sense of humour was certainly clear on previously released song 'Baker Street', but today's premiere from The 405 'Star Light Head Light' shows another side of Jones. An awestruck, slow-jam that tells a story of youthful amazement, rendered delightfully through patient and practiced instrumentation, 'Star Light Head Light' shows that Jones is a man more than capable of expressing his emotions aurally.

The story of 'Star Light Head Light' is that it "is about a strange acid trip on an island in Essex called Canvey Island. In this surreal occurrence, shared between Sam Jones and 2 other friends, the idea that constant large thefts were happening and that escaping the island was a matter of great urgency otherwise they would be framed as part of a wider conspiracy. Days later this tale was to be documented within the confines of a psych/pop song."

Listen to the track below.

'Star Light Head Light' comes from Mr. Yolk's debut album Self Portrait, set to be released through Southend Records on October 27th; pre-order it here. Keep your eyes on Mr. Yolk's social media presence for more news on this exciting new project: