RCA Records' latest signing is a bit of an enigma. Google Invader Girl and you'll mainly find gender-bending fan fictions of Invader Zim. She's even chosen to release a remix of a single as her first track as opposed to the single itself.

At least we've got a name, right? But after much internet detective work that would put Poirot to shame, we were brought back to Cinnamon Girl, who had a string of cracking pop tunes a few years ago, who has been posting about Invader Girl for a few weeks now. Is Invader Girl a reimagining of Cinnamon Girl; a transformation from bubblegum pop sweetheart that allows her to just go wild? We just don't know, at least not yet. But what we do know is her first release is a bit of a belter.

With the help of labelmates MS MR we get our first taste of Invader Girl, the end result being a spiky little pop tune that oozes the dark electronic feel that makes Scandipop so damn appealing. Invader Girl's vocals have a real fiery quality to them, filled with quivering spite for a girl who does whatever she wants regardless of the consequences. Coupled that with the harsh beats and synth stabs and you get something that explodes with Scandipop darkness and malevolence.