Foster The People's recent track 'Best Friend' was pretty nice, a glowing piece of indie that feels as poppy as it does mildly-psychedelic, but I bet you never thought it could be turned into this. What's this? A remix of it by virtually unknown musicmaker, mvplanet (it stands for Most Valuable Planet), that's what.

Yeah, well, like, what the hell? The vocals from the original track are the only thing left intact – the rest is a mix of acrobatic bass, ambient sheaves of sound, thin, cutting cymbals, and incredible transportive sitar sounds like strips of gleaming gold across the top of it all, sparkling with heat and an unwavering sense of exotica; all of this is set to a heavily swaying dubstep-style beat, a miraculously surprising reincarnation of the original track.

AND you can download it for free, isn't that nice?

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