The release of Seattle-based rapper Nacho Picasso's new album, High & Mighty, is fast approaching. The fresh joint from the former BadAssYellowBoys wordsmith drops on Halloween, and, if lead single 'Crime Waves' is any indication, it'll be loaded with tricks and treats.

'Crime Waves' opens with a sound byte from Hunger Games over a dark, crisp Swiff D beat. Enter Nacho's Lil' Wayne-esque flow, dropping references about everything from Ghengis Khan to Full House. There's even an Addam's family line in there to go along with the All Hallow's Eve release date.

There's no hook. 'Crime Waves' owes much to old school hip-hop: verse-verse-verse structure, thumping bass hits and slinky synths, but Nacho's off-the-wall lyrics and misogynist bravado make for an interesting jam.

High & Mighty comes highly anticipated after a string of recent releases by Nacho Picasso. Vampsterdam, his collab with Avatar Darko, dropped in June, and he released the Black Narcissus mixtape late last year. Both, along with 'Crime Waves', offer fans a taste of what's to come on the new full-length.

Listen below. [via Potholes In My Blog]