Fans of NBC's The Voice may remember Brian Fuente, a brief contestant on the show that made his way to Team Blake (country star Blake Shelton for those unaware). In his short work on the show, the Nashville native found himself a bit out of place.

"I learned really quickly that I'm not built for overnight success," he said. "I need time and space to build my sound organically. Freedom in creativity is everything, and being on The Voice only verified that for me. As soon as my time was done there, I knew I had to finally do this for myself ... Music should be written for the heart and soul, not for the business."

In the wake of the personal revelation, Fuente founded his band (named after him); a formative, alt-pop band aesthetically distant from his reality TV persona. Fuente's first releases, the dual EP The Water, will mark that move officially, with initial release April 29th.

"I've learned to stay true to myself more than anything," he continues. "And for the first time, I can say that this project is just that ... one hundred percent me ... Now that's something to be proud of."

Listen to 'The Water' below.