Spazio Elastico by Melbourne-based producer Nathan Gray (a member of experimental duo Snawklor) is the latest release on new New Zealand record label Voicemail Recordings (VMR). Focused on "[bringing] you a carefully curated selection of Australasia's finest experimental electronics," VMR have spent most of this year rolling out a series of inventive DJ mixes and albums focused around unique visions of K-pop, techno, footwork and beyond.

With Spazio Elastico, Nathan Gray attempts to, as VMR put it "deform the gridded space of the software sequencer." Making use of phasing, delicate changes in speed, time shifts, and stretching, Nathan works around the implied motoric of dance music, using rhythmic grid frames like vocal counting to maintain a feel that never quite adheres to conventional timing. Spazio Elastico is also a reference to a 1967 installation by Italian artist Gianni Colombo. It consists of a room crisscrossed with slowly moving string lines, which through motion, subtly stretch and transform the space into a shifting grid, making it a perfect source of inspiration for Nathan's album.

You can listen to Spazio Elastico below. You can also purchase it via VMR's Bandcamp page as a limited physical edition (complete with a set of A5 art prints by Nathan) or a digital download.