"I'd like to make a record with a full-blown orchestra, live—a mono recording with one mic," Neil Young recently expressed to Billboard. "I want to do something like that where we really record what happened, with one point of view and the musicians moved closer and farther away, the way it was done in the past. To me that’s a challenge and it's a sound that's unbelievable, and you can't get it any other way. So I'm into doing that."

The album in question, Storytone, comes in two parts: the full-blown, 92-piece orchestra and choir version, and a stripped-back acoustic version. You can pick it up on November 3rd, or just stream it below right now courtesy of NPR.


Storytone (Acoustic Version)

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Plastic Flowers
  • 02. Who’s Gonna Stand Up?
  • 03. I Want To Drive My Car
  • 04. Glimmer
  • 05. Say Hello To Chicago
  • 06. Tumbleweed
  • 07. Like You Used To Do
  • 08. I'm Glad I Found You
  • 09. When I Watch You Sleeping
  • 10. All Those Dreams